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What's new in Python 3 via code snippets.



Py 3.7 有了内置的 breakpiont 支持, 可以不依赖 IDE 进行单点嗯哼了...



For years I’ve noodled around with various setups for a Python development environment, and never really found something I loved – until now.


Python 的开发环境至今没有很好的解决几个关键问题:

模块依赖, 多版本环境切换, 应用打包发布/备份/部署/升级/...

当前最靠谱的可能就是这个组合了: 用 Pyenv 管理版本环境, 在其中用 Pipenv 管理模块依赖, Pipsi 作控制界面...

可是, 依然没有触及发布后场景...当然,现在有 Docker 了... 问题是 Docker 在 windows 世界中实在是那什么....


I’m going to teach you how to collect your own Fitbit data using nothing but a little Python code.


现在智能硬件, 如果没有一个易用的云接口,简直了...


In this tutorial we will be using the hand labelled Standford movie review database (0) to build a sentiment classifier. Our work will highlight how to use Jupyter Notebooks with Python, Scikit-learn, and Pandas (including Numpy) to build and crossvalidate a sentiment classifier. We will also throw in a bit of EDA with the help of Matplotlib and Seaborn.


公开数据集越来越多了... 但是, 分析套路越来越一致化

EDA 是唯一能结合直觉的阵地了...

不过用 seaborn 进行图表风格化就是个人口味选择了... )

I use the Python interpreter interactively and pdb (as well as ipdb) a lot and they let me understand my programs' state and test new things out quickly.


pdb 体验的 gdb 模拟...


Searching from a complex set of data has become a routine in almost all kind of applications. So I am creating a series on Elasticsearch integration with Django. I this part of series, I will be giving you a brief information about Elasticsearch and its installation on a Linux based system.

PEP 563 as well as this page declare that postponed evaluation of type annotations will become the default in Python 4.0. The authors don't give any further explanation nor do they seem to think there is any further explanation required. I've never seen Python 4.0 mentioned seriously before and I find this a bit unsettling. Can somebody provide more details?



Py3 到 Py4 就象 Py1 到 Py2 没有伤害...哈?



看来 signals 技术用的人不多...



~ 包/模块/库/片段...

Scrape the Twitter Frontend API without authentication.


不用登录的 Twitter 爬虫接口?! )

A Python library that allows you to interact with Amazon S3 Buckets as if they are your local filesystem.


这名字起的...还以为是 chaos monkey 工具呢...


Fine-tune pretrained Convolutional Neural Networks with PyTorch


叕一个 PyTorch 的 CNN 实案


AWS System Manager Parameter Store caching client for Python

An example of running JupyterLab on Heroku, with Amazon S3.


jupyterlab/jupyterlab: JupyterLab computational environment.

的 Heroku 部署样例...


Jupyter 开始认真的将网页变成 IDE 了...


Tracking a cursor across a webpage using only CSS.



细思恐极, CSS 也是完备的应用语言嘛? 嚓...只是作了一个简单的反射追踪.


A tool to allow US addresses to be geocoded/georeferenced easily, without using Python or the command line or paid services or anything.





Heroku Platform API client for Python.


叕一个 Heroku 平台接口包装


Simple method used to load configuration variables from different sources.



配置管理不在源头的复杂, 而是配置信息到系统行为的表述对应关系吧


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Takes power from simplicity. Simple, Powerful, Async web framework developed with Asgard Technologies.


叕一个 web 框架原型 文档都没有嗯哼好, 先养着...


( ̄▽ ̄)

国人作品, 解决 https 部署时的证书生成问题

猛然发现, Leo 生态已经走到这种程度了...


30 Amazing Python Projects for the Past Year (v.2018) 其中有几个国货,也都超过 1000+星了...

<- Qix-/better-exceptions: Pretty and useful exceptions in Python, automatically. 效果惊艳...



精品小班5Py 初十上线

  • 开始报名: 2020.2.3
  • 报名结束: 2020.2.24
  • 正式开课: 2020.3.2
  • 课程结束: 2020.4.12



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